What I’ve Learned


So, here I am, after a year and a bit’s vacay from Facebook and social media. My reasons for sabbatical are several-fold.

Family events dictated that it was time to focus my energies and efforts on what is most important to me, and to provide support for my family unit. While events leading up to this are not yet something I can talk about, let’s just say that the longer small-minded people want to split their selfish little hairs, the more it will come back upon them in the end.

Let’s just say that entering into the world of litigation via my wife’s circumstances has shown me the depths of people’s dogmatic ignorance. Seeing the confused and pathetically inquisitorial tactics these bullies will utilize in order to keep from parting with any small amount of the budget the taxpayers provide them for necessitous recompense has shown me that, for a portion of the world, money is actually a reason to degrade their souls.

So be it- life goes on for us all, and it is only the soul and its integrity that makes each succeeding day a pleasure, or a punishment.

I have learned in the interval that several sage sayings are correct. Not just in a sort of Dave Barry, Paul Harveyish “The Rest of the Story” sort of fabelry, but actually viscerally true.


So Here are a Few:

The Allmighty Dollar is actually something that people, in all its forms, do worship. Not everyone, of course, but some people. I’m pretty sure that the Allmighty Dollar they are worhipping so hard is a Hamster, or a Tree Rat, or some other sort of little rodential sort of thing, that has caught everyone up the cycle of storage caused by fear.


Maybe it’s all the “Doomsday Preppers” I’ve watched, but it seems that money is to humans what the big bag of grain would be do a Hamster. Dude, not all your problems are solved by it- that shit rots, no matter what you’re going to do with it.

The Works of a Man Show on his Face. As a result of this situation, I’ve seen some pretty ugly people. I’m not being glib- it’s a sad testament to their within, the appearance of those who have chosen to adhere to a path of bitterness and deceit. There’s some out there. I have also seen in the past year some truly beautiful folk, as well, with some pretty beautiful within, too. So that’s cool.

There’s One in Every Crowd. This speaks for itself, really, in the world of internet trolls and subversive haters. However, even in a situation without cell phones and realtime updates, it’s pretty remarkable how many agents of decay are out there… and how little they can stand people who are happy.


You Never Know the Full Story. There are strange layers to the world, vast skins upon skins of little pocket dimension, some few still full of beauty and little idylwylds of loveliness, more unfortunately it seems seething pits of depravity and conspiracy and decay. Yet, it is possible to move outside the maelstrom of crap.

Confront your Enemies, but Avoid Them if You Can. Sometimes that is through withdrawal, and sometimes that is through deciding upon assertive boundaries. It is a job of work, when one has become enmired in a morass of the mobbing crowd, but it can be done.

Life is What You Make It. This is not an excuse to either go out and become a warlord or megalomaniac, though many take it as such. This statement is not It’s a Dog-Eat-Dog world, although, in the subset of the crowd who worships the Almighty Dollar, etc, it is a conditional truth. Life is what you make it is simply that not every eventuality that presents itself to us needs to be engaged with, either out of pity, or love, or needfulness, or anger, or any reason at all.


When you grasp this, the previous morass of enemies becomes much smaller, and indeed erases itself entirely. One’s presence in the world can provide enough agitation to keep the wheels of the small-minded folk who have ‘musts’ and ‘have tos’ and automatically bound their lives by expediences and limitations before they start spinning. You can go out and enjoy life, because it is what you make it, and ultimately

You’re On Your Own Journey. We have a dialogue, with ourselves and whatever you want to call the guiding principle of existence. Infinite, Tao, Brahma, Big Guy Upstairs, Father Hen, it’s all cool. Just know that the first time you have to do something, or not do something, or there’s a driving must that something’s whispering in your ear, you have a crasher on your party line to it, because it really, really doesn’t want us to do anything.


It Really Is All Right. Answers are all around us; life is only complicated when we cling to things. Ideas, reactions, objects, necessitudes. It’s all all right, because There’s Nothing You Need to Do. What do you want to do? Turns out, like most of us, not much. Enjoy good food (we were made to do that, you know, we’re basically just tubes), enjoy good fellowship, good music, share good stories, enjoy the beauty in the world. What do you Need to do that? Not much….


— aaand, we’ve pissed off the Almighty Hamster. Big surprise. Remember Confront your Enemies, Avoid Then When You Can. Let’s just move over here, to another log in the forest, and continue.


Life is a Game That Everybody Loses in The End It’s How You Live It That Counts. 10 good years, or 1 good year, is better than 40 years of struggle on the Almighty Hamster’s wheel of shame ‘n pain. Seriously, in any universe, would you really want to live forever? Sooner or later, the world moves on, things change irrevocably beyond the scope of one being, or even one AI’s, ability to be comfortable and content. None of us are infinite, that’s why we have these little skins and are made up of matter and even energy, which, though people might think is infinite, really isn’t. Infinite is Infinite. If energy, even hidden dark shit the little kobolds in CERN are mining, isn’t infinite; it can be measured, even if it takes a bit to get the knack of it. The material world changes, therefore, and matter and energy are neither one nor another better, but two halves of a world that isn’t mean’t to go on forever. Even with a big appetite for exploration, there’s a time and season to everything. The only reason a hamster wants to live forever is because he’s terrified of what comes after, is too arrogant to think that the little furball he is, crafted out the Infinite, is better than letting the Father Hen take you on home one day. Go to, little hamster- that bag of grain you’ve found is already rotting from the bottom up… because Life is a game everybody loses in the end. Mold, wheat, hamster all. (Though I bet that hamster’s going to have a pretty trippy time as the resources run out, when he chows down on all that moldy hay).



The Impermanence of Reality is a Thing. And if you’re scared of that, you’re not ready… and unfortunately, the vassals of this world will give you as a hamster a hard time trying to keep you from coming to that acceptance yourself. They really, really hate it if they find out you’ve found a way to life ‘off the wheel’, so to speak. The trick is, you never had to get on the wheel in the first place, because reality is impermanent. Something about attachment goes here, but people misunderstand attachment for love, and get immediately antsy about it- but people misunderstand love, too. (I’ve also been watching a fair bit of “Nanny Jo”. She’s pretty cool- wouldn’t want her job though, but the experiments she runs on kids are neat.)

World events have conspired to make things even more fraught and unstable.


There’s a lot of trumpeting about this. There’s a lot of absolutely sewage-ridden cesspits where people huddle under bridges for homes and abduct girls from their families and do live organ harvesting and shove anything at all into any orifice for kicks. And there’s a lot of corruption, and a lot of change (see “Life is a game everybody loses” for more information on that one.) Things have been changing since- and I won’t use the dinosaurs here, because they probably mated with primitive rodents on their way out the door to make the Almight Hamster- well, since long before we were about. And that’s okay. Because Life is a Game Everybody Loses, and It’s How You Live Your Life that Counts.

Don’t worry- people are okay. You only hear more about this sort of thing- people being okay, and having human triumph in tiny ways like food security and good fellowship- because the ones who are okay don’t really need to trumpet it, and besides, there’s a lot of hamster haters out there (see “there’s one in every crowd”). Hamster haters like to distract one, if you’ll remember, and under no circumstances let people see that the actual point of life is that

It’s All Right, and There’s Nothing You Need to Do, and in any case Life is a Game that Everybody Loses in the End. Before that time for each of us, however, there’s magic, and love, and music, and art, and discovery, and understanding as much of this crazy element-compound-oscillating world around us as we want. We can spend the rest of our lives mastering the art of growing wild grains, or really learning the ocarina, or we can try a little of everything. What happens when we broil a crab in passionfruit, with sliced potatoes and barley, and some dried blueberries, and a splash of dandelion wine?

I dunno.

Sounds good.

Let’s find out.

P.S. See- this is where a year goes! However, for my fellow explorers who have taken the time to follow me off the seething dharmic wheel of Facebook and into the idylwyld of this blog, I’ll let you know.

Maybe I’ll even take pictures.

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